D3 Foundation uniquely uses the music medium to address Pro-Life/Christian issues. The original lyrics and music express all aspects and views involved in being Pro-Life.


The D3 Singers are a group of young Christians who have come together to express through music both their Christian and Pro Life stance for the respect of life from the moment of conception. Lead singer Rebekah Martinez was found when she was heard singing in her church choir. Other members of the choir joined shortly after, and the group grew further through word of mouth. Inspired by The Holy Spirit music and lyrics were written for the group and after much work and practice the CD “All The Same” was launched in December 2018.

The D3 Foundation is continuously working on new material for the singers and are currently working on a new CD and a Christmas CD. All D3 singers are encouraged to use their particular talents which includes writing songs and leading in vocals. One of the group, Anthony Quintero, wrote and performed a Pro Life rap song which is on the CD called “What About Me” We currently finished a new song with lead singer Isabella Spaedy called “Dreams of an Unborn Child” which will be on a future CD. There are many projects in the future including a Spanish version of the CD. Rebekah and the D3 Singers have been performing limited concerts at Churches and Special Events.

Rebekah Martinez (age 14), is a rising Christian singer and musician from Huntersville, North Carolina. Rebekah’s love for music began early in life when at age five her parents enrolled her in piano lessons where she quickly discovered her natural gift for music. Shortly thereafter, at age eight, Rebekah began taking voice lessons at the recommendation of her piano instructor, and in 2011 joined her church choir. Through the generosity of others, Rebekah has been able to showcase her talents in a variety of venues, including the McGlohon Theater in Charlotte, North Carolina, helping her establish the confidence needed to perform in front of large audiences.

In early 2017, Rebekah took the next big step in her musical journey joining D3 Foundation on a new and exciting project to promote the Christian faith through art and music.

“We Stand,” Rebekah’s first radio single from the upcoming album “All the Same”, showcases the power of her angelic voice as she tells a unique story of pain and tragedy met by prayer, hope and salvation on the sidewalk of an abortion house. As Rebekah, alongside other young and talented artists, put the finishing touches on their first D3 Foundation studio release, they hope their voices remind us all of the power of prayer and bring faith and works together in praise and worship of our Lord.




The D3 Singers comprise a group of young people currently 17 years and younger. The group has various talents and the Foundation tries to use and showcase each individual talent.

Rebekah Martinez is our lead singer and will be the lead on most of our songs. As other voices come to the front, we will use them in various songs as suits their talents. Anthony is our resident rap artist and has 2 singles on the CD plus a duet with Rebekah. Isabella has a single that we just completed but is not the current CD. She is also the lead on a new Christmas song. Our current background singers include Anabella, Andrew, Annie, Colette, Ariana, Audrey, and Jacob. Luke is the narrator at our concerts Ariana has talent for the piano which we hope to use in the future.



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