About Us

We are an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to producing Christian art and music and providing financial support to students and teachers.

The future is in your hearts and in your hands. God is entrusting you the task, at once difficult and uplifting, of working with Him in the building of the civilization of love.
— Pope John Paul II


To help build Pope John Paul II’s “Civilization of Love” by spreading God’s message of love and mercy for all through the production of Christian art and music and the financial support of the students and teachers who sing, write, draw and dance for Him.

Every child who, rather than being born, is condemned unjustly to being aborted, bears the face of Jesus Christ, bears the face of the Lord, who even before he was born, and then just after birth, experienced the world’s rejection. And every elderly person . . . even if he is ill or at the end of his days, bears the face of Christ.

They cannot be discarded, as the ‘culture of waste’ suggests!
— Pope Francis


We seek students interested in utilizing their God given gifts to write, sing, draw and perform in Christian art and music productions to be shared with the community. We fund these projects through donations of time, talent and treasure of individual and community sponsors. All proceeds received by the D3 Foundation from these projects are reinvested in our mission to support:

  • Production of Christian Art & Music Projects.
  • Teachers at Catholic Schools in need of financial assistance for personal or professional development.
  • Tuition assistance for students, and their families, who desire a Catholic education.


  1. Promote a “Civilization of Love” as described by Pope John Paul II through Christian art & music focused on God’s love for all, especially the most vulnerable among us such as the pre-born, the sick, the poor and the elderly who, as Pope Francis exclaimed, “cannot be discarded, as the ‘culture of waste’ suggests!”
  2. Every teacher is supported both personally and professionally.
  3. Every child has access to a Catholic education.
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